As fall moves towards winter, things are cooling down fast in Ottawa! There's nothing like the comfort of tucking into a steaming hot bowl of soup on a chilly fall day! Here's where to find the best soups in Ottawa. Thanks to the city’s incredible diversity, these restaurants include incredible dishes and flavours from around the globe.

Pho Van Van

There are some pretty spectacular soups in Vietnamese cuisine and Pho Van Van is a great place to enjoy them in Ottawa. Their menu has a ton of options when it comes to soup -- from hot and sour to several Pho variations.

Sansotei Ramen

When soup is the main attraction of a restaurant, we’re intrigued! At Sansotei Ramen, ramen soups take centre stage and all other dishes are referred to as side dishes. Their thick or thin noodles (your choice!) are submerged in their pork bone broth and perfect for slurping as you munch on a variety of toppings specific to each ramen offering. They also offer a vegetarian ramen bowl.

Mad Radish

If you’re looking for a health-conscious but flavorful soup that you can grab and enjoy to go, Mad Radish is a great option. They offer two delicious soups which you can pair with their burritos. Bowls, salads, sides and sandwiches. They’re currently serving a Halal Moroccan chicken soup which is loaded with shredded chicken and vegetables, and a vegan coconut curry chowder. They’re a convenient choice as they have multiple locations across Ottawa and Nepean.

Wei’s Noodle House

Wei’s Noodle House is an Asian fusion restaurant with a ton of soups and a whole vegan menu. From ramen to a variety of noodle soups and several types of Pho, there’s a lot of flavourful soup to slurp here.

We hope you get the chance to warm up with soup at these delicious Ottawa restaurants this fall and winter. Did we miss your favourite soup spot? Let us know!

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